Do you have an inspirational message to share?

I will help you tell your story, share your knowledge or inspire your audience by either ghostwriting your book for you or by editing your own words – to help you express your truth with clarity.

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Every project I take on must match my three values – Truth, Justice and Well-being – and my clients tend to be entrepreneurs, professional speakers and others with an inspirational message to share. For the relationship to work, we have to “get” each other. 

Other services


As well as working on books, I also help with other writing projects from ghostwriting articles to creating website copy.

Communication is my passion so I am also hired as a professional speaker, and I have my own radio-interview show called The Culture Pot on Radio Sangam. My focus is on spiritual growth, self-development and mindset.

My own journey has not been without its ups and downs, and now, through coaching and mentoring, I help others to lead happier, more spiritually fulfilled and authentic lives. 



Notable book projects include:


 Just a Man – Richard McCann, Times No1 Bestselling author, internationally renowned professional speaker and speaking coach.  Published April 2018




Taking Care of Business – Paul Cheetham-Karcz, CEO of award-winning accountants Sedulo, one of the UK’s top firms. Published April 2019


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