Prison Time: What did I learn?


Seize the opportunity

It was a Tuesday, 27 August 2019, when I noticed a shout-out on the Radio Sangam Whatsapp group. The CEO said he had been invited to work on a Bollywood film as an extra. It was set in a male prison. Did anyone want to join him?

I did not expect it to be a paid opportunity, but it sounded like an adventure, and I had nothing to lose by throwing my hat in the ring.

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Radio made the video star: what has radio taught me about speaking?


I wasn’t completely green

When I first took on the role of radio presenter, I was already an accomplished communicator; professional writer, martial arts instructor, mindfulness coach and trainer. Shaping ideas, knowing how to express them with clarity, and having the courage to let others hear my voice was not an issue. So, what did I learn?

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What’s in a logo?


In case you are wondering, the symbol in the logo is a character from the Chinese kanji writing system. It represents “zen” in Japanese or “chán” in Mandarin Chinese.


The words “zen” and “chán” roughly translate as “meditation” or “quietude”. Some say the real meaning cannot be put into words any more than the concept of this moment can.

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