7 Ways To Improve Your Social Media Experience (and boost your productivity)

Digital technology has made many things possible that were unthinkable before while providing loads of incredible tools for improving productivity. Imagine a world without social media. Thanks to the plethora of digital platforms available, people can chat, share content, and collaborate via text, voice, or face-to-face, from opposite sides of the world at any time of the day or night.

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How to Love Your Enemies and Why You Should

I’m passionate about developing and maintaining a mindset that works for me rather than against me. For most of us, the mindset we start with is not one that we consciously adopted. Our mindset evolves as a product of experience, self-talk, the opinions of others, life lessons and the development of beliefs and attitudes that are not always home-grown.

It is on us to reflect on all aspects of our mindset and check whether it is fit for purpose or encompasses our true values. Optimal mindset programming is the phrase I coined to describe the process of identifying the thought patterns, attitudes and beliefs that will best serve us, and using tools to lean into them.

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Navigating Grief – Changing Relationships


Death Transforms Relationships

While dealing with the recent loss of my twenty-one-year-old son, I went to see a local Catholic priest. He happens to be a highly trained and experienced psychotherapist.

As we discussed death and the rituals surrounding it, he opined that when anyone dies, our relationship with them changes. This strongly resonates with me because it is something that I have already been reflecting on deeply.

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