Plan Your Book Now

A book is a meaty challenge to get stuck into but one that is a lot easier to complete when you have planned the route from start to finish.

Why do you want to write it?

There are many reasons why people write books, which range from feeling driven to get something off their chest to wanting to become a Times bestselling author.

Be realistic

If your primary reason for writing a book is to become rich and famous, that’s fine, but the odds are stacked against you, even if you are a superb writer with an incredibly powerful story.

Many authors, especially speakers and entrepreneurs, write books to share their backstories with an audience that already knows them, for example, or to create another asset that they can leverage for marketing purposes – to get them more speaking gigs or exposure in the media.

Some writers want to introduce a new way of thinking that they can build on later. This is quite a popular approach for coaches and others who are involved in the personal development space.

Your purpose will keep you going

Knowing your purpose is important because that’s what will keep you moving forward when the going gets tough, especially if you have never written a book before. Writing a book takes time and energy, so make sure you know why you are doing it.

Who is your reader?

Knowing who you are writing for is important because that will affect many other aspects of your book.

What kind of voice do you intend to write with? Whether you are speaking to business people, young adults, trauma survivors, aspiring entrepreneurs or any other group, you will have to match your voice to theirs if you want to engage them and keep them interested from start to finish.

Are you hoping to find a publisher that will invest in your work? Different publishers deal with different genres, themes and audiences, so you need to identify the most suitable ones for you and focus on them.

How are you going to reach your audience? Publishers will usually take care of the marketing but, if you are self-publishing, it will be your responsibility to make sure the right people know about your book.


What is the key message?

Every product has a value proposition. When someone buys your book, what are they paying for? An emotional roller-coaster, spiritual guidance, financial advice? Are you introducing a totally new way of looking at a topic?

Understanding the value proposition is essential. It provides you with a North Star to help you stay on track with every paragraph of every page of every chapter.

Another way of looking at the value proposition is to see it as the book’s mission. Most authors have a huge amount of content to sift through, and they have to decide what to include and how to structure it.

A blueprint for your book

I make the planning process easy for you by taking your story and using it to create a blueprint for your book. Once you have that, writing your book almost becomes as simple as painting by numbers. You will have everything you want to take the ball and run, or I can ghostwrite it on your behalf.

The process

We book a two-hour phone call to discuss your idea.

I have interviewed hundreds of people over the years, not only as a ghostwriter but also as a coach and radio presenter, so I am highly skilled in the art of helping people share their stories.

Following from the interview, I will provide you with clear definition of the book’s value proposition and a guide to how the book should be structured.

This acts as the blueprint for your book and gives you the necessary foundations for developing a strong book title, introduction, back cover blurb and chapter breakdown later on.

The total cost for the planning call and written blueprint is just £495!