Into the Void

There's a vacuum from where we all come,  
Where we all exist  
And where we don't exist.  

Ubiquitous and forever,   
It's always here  
And never anywhere.   
We can't see it,  
And yet it sees.  

We can't hear it,  
And yet it hears  

We can't smell it,  
And yet it smells.  

We can't touch it,  
And yet it touches.  

We can't taste it,  
And yet it tastes.  

We can't sense it,  
And yet it senses.  

From the void, I come, 
To the void, I go; 
The true source of everything we know.  

Hiding in plain sight,  
As constant as the sunlight, 
Hidden in the dead of the night.  

(C) Martin Morrison 2022 All Rights Reserved 

Image: Universe Today


This poem was inspired by my daily meditation practice. I go deep and discover what seems to be a vacuum, only to find more thoughts, feelings, and temporary sensations. There is always something else to be aware of, and yet, I am also the awareness.

As a writer, I enjoy the discovery process. Life is one big adventure, and there is as much to discover inside ourselves – perhaps more – than there is in the external world. My job is to take intangibles and present them in a way that touches hearts and minds. I want to transfer thoughts, feelings and ideas as truthfully as I can, so you can experience what I am experiencing. That’s what writers do.


I can do the same for others. If we click, I can feel what you feel, almost wear your soul, and share what you want to share in a way that connects with the people you want to reach.

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