What’s in a logo?

In case you are wondering, the symbol in the logo is a character from the Chinese kanji writing system. It represents “zen” in Japanese or “chán” in Mandarin Chinese.


The words “zen” and “chán” roughly translate as “meditation” or “quietude”. Some say the real meaning cannot be put into words any more than the concept of this moment can.

As soon as you say the word “now”, the moment has gone, so the word can only point towards the idea it represents. It cannot capture it.

I have had a lifelong interest in zen buddhism and the practice of zazen meditation, and zen has been absorbed into every aspect of my life.

One of the values I am obsessed with is “truth”. Zen is a gateway to the absolute truth.

When we practice zazen meditation (sitting), we neither attempt to empty our minds nor fill our minds with something else. We become the silent observer of our thoughts and feelings. In this practice, we realise we are not our thoughts and not our feelings.

By perceiving the world around us, without the filter of human thinking and all the assumptions, beliefs and preconceptions that our minds bring to the table, we are able to see reality for what it is.

That is zen.

As a writer, I want to express my truth.

As an editor, I want to understand the truth of whomever I am working for, not only in terms of the ideas they want to express but also the psyche where those ideas have come from. Only then can I come close to expressing the truth of the other writer.

That’s why I am choosy about whom I write for or edit for. Likewise, it works better when I am chosen. We have to get each other. Do you need my help?

The logo was cut from a painting I created around 2008. I had taken some prints off the wall while I was decorating my living room. When some of the paint I was using splashed over one of the pictures, I decided the best thing to do was to create a new piece of art using the colours I was painting the walls with.

Here is the complete picture.