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Who am I?

If you are going to put your trust in a ghostwriter, it’s good to know who they are and what they’ve experienced, so here goes; a short bio.

Working-class roots

I grew up in a working-class area of Liverpool, England, in the 1970s. Life was tough as one of seven siblings with a father who could be unpredictable and violent at times. Although I was a textbook underachiever at school, I was a bright and creative child who loved writing stories, creating art, and singing.

Hobbies and interests

Since then, I’ve had a lifelong passion for martial arts, music, and other creative pursuits. Daily meditation practice boosts sensitivity and intuition and helps me to live a more mindful life.


I’ve been writing professionally since around 2008 when I gravitated towards copywriting and PR while working in the advertising industry (Yorkshire Post). Clients started hiring me to write engaging copy for their websites, content for their blogs, pitches and proposals. I was even asked to craft legalistic letters to resolve disputes.

After helping the Times bestselling author and internationally renowned motivational speaker Richard McCann with his third book, Just a Man, I fell in love with book projects. Since then, I’ve worked with a wide variety of men and women, mostly entrepreneurs and all incredibly inspirational.


In November 2022, I launched a poetry publication called Bouncin’ and Behavin Poems on the writers’ platform Medium. It is an inclusive publication, which celebrates diversity and features the work of dozens of poets from around the world.


As well as ghostwriting and editing, I am a lead facilitator for The Inspirational Learning Group, delivering creative workshops in secondary schools, mostly in West Yorkshire. That allows me to help young people develop confidence and discover their natural skills while solving real-world problems, and I get to do one of my favourite things – speaking from a stage!


Like many writers, I am never short of things to say, but I am just as engaging and captivating when speaking from a stage as I am with a laptop and a blank page to write on. I am a professional storyteller, and the most important story anyone should know is their own.

My slogan is “Express your truth with clarity”, and I believe we should all strive to do that in our daily lives; to know ourselves, discover our purpose, dream big, and live bravely.

Whether you are looking for someone to inspire, motivate, or share mental strategies to help people to meet challenges head-on, I can craft a talk to deliver the right message to your audience. Key topics include:

  • Know your value – how to get paid for being you
  • Create your own luck – the art of making great things happen
  • Mind, mindset, and mental programming
  • Beating the odds

Radio presenter

After being interviewed for radio in 2017, to discuss a self-defence program I had developed, I was asked if I would like to try my hand at co-hosting. Within a couple of months, I had pitched the station’s CEO with an idea for a show that would explore the music, culture and people of the world.

In August 2017, I launched The Culture Pot, a live interview show, which was aired weekly on Radio Sangam. Interviewing people for radio goes hand in hand with my work as a ghostwriter. A skilled interviewer pays as much attention to what isn’t said – body language, pauses, intonation, and facial expressions – as the words that are spoken by a guest. This is an essential skill for a ghostwriter. We wear the souls of the people we write for.

An intuitive approach

Your life is a mosaic of insightful stories. You know you are sitting on something valuable that you need to share, but you are not sure what the overall takeaway is. Why should anyone read your book? What will they learn from it? Why do you need to write it?

These are all questions that need to be answered before a single word is written. I am a natural storyteller. Ask me how my day’s going, and I will tell you how I am feeling and why I feel that way, sharing every thought I’ve had since I woke up that morning. That’s why I’m a writer. I am desperate to understand… everything!

Why do people behave as they do? What makes us tick? Why do humans respond to situations so differently? As a lifelong introspect and highly intuitive person, I help others to understand themselves better.

Once you choose me to help you with your book, the scene is already set. You have consciously or unconsciously decided that you can trust me with your most closely guarded secrets. By opening your heart to me, you give me the keys to your story. That’s why it is such an honour to be a ghostwriter and editor. It is a privilege to help you with your book.

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