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Congratulations! You are now only a couple of steps away from entering The Bouncin’ and Behavin’ Spring Writing Competition 2023. Before you go any further, have you checked the rules? If not, you can find them here.

Remember, you can only submit one piece of work per category per entry. The categories are short story (1500 words), snippet (600 words), and poetry (300 words). If you want to submit more than one piece for any category, you will have to pay for another entry (maximum of two entries per person).

The closing date is midday, Wednesday 31 May 2023. Submissions will not be accepted after this date whether the entrance fee has been paid or not.

To enter:

Step 1 – pay the fee

This LINK will take you to a secure Stripe page.

Remember, the fee of $25 will entitle you to submit one snippet, one short story, and one poem. You can pay for a maximum of two entries, which will allow you to send two snippets, two short stories, and two poems ($50).

You will need your payment receipt.

Step 2 – email your submission

Once you have paid, please send your full submission (a maximum of three pieces of work) to

You do not need to include any text other than your work. We will not read any explanatory text.

Paste your submissions into the main body of the email in the following order:

Short Story

Please include your payment receipt with your submission.

Thank you!