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“Martin delivered a pre-dinner speech to 50 members of staff at our end of year summer ball. Speaking to a room full of school staff, Martin drew on his various experiences to carefully celebrate our achievements of the year, as well as weave in important messages about the importance of recognising talent in children AND helping the child to see and believe it too. What became clear to me is that Martin had many ideas for the talk, all of which would have been well received, but he listened to our brief well and delivered with passion, humility and some humour too. Thank you! ”

Zoe Mawson, Headteacher, Heaton Mount Primary School, Bradford

Cockburn John Charles Academy

“Martin came into our academy to support with Employability week. He was asked to present two assemblies with the message to students about raising their aspirations, he certainly delivered.
He delivered his first assembly to year 7s who were engaged the whole time. They joined in when asked and thoroughly enjoyed the session.
Today, Martin’s assembly was to year 9. The message to these students to “tell their story” was really appropriate. A lot of our students have low self-esteem and all too often hear that they are “useless”. Martin’s own story, told with empathy, will have resonated with a lot of students. His message was, look at your skills and strengths, believe in yourself and then take control of your life and tell your story to others. ”

Vanessa Norton, Year 11 Learning Manager, Cockburn John Charles Academy, Leeds

Radio Presenting

“As a presenter at Radio Sangam, Martin has excelled at tackling difficult and challenging subject matters. He has organised, produced and disseminated excellent programming, leaving no part of the globe untouched. He has interviewed artists, philosophers, authors, musicians, entrepreneurs and inspirational people from as far afield as New Orleans, Africa, Asia and the UK.

Martin has, through his determined and professional approach, been able to conduct shows on issues such as social change with notable individuals such as Gina Miller and attempted to eradicate prejudices by tackling subjects such as transgender, religious bigotry and terrorism.

He has always presented himself in a professional and approachable manner and has been praised for his listening and empathetic approach towards others. His approach has ensured that Radio Sangam is seen as a leading and serious broadcaster that does not shy away from elements that affect us all. ”

Qaisar Mahmood, CEO

Book Editing

What Martin is able to do is take my words and create something that I’m proud of. I’ve used Martin on various projects, including copywriting on website, articles and most recently on my latest book Just a Man. And to receive a testimonial from my now retired English teacher to say that I ‘write in such an absorbing way’ after he read my latest book, confirms that Martin does a fantastic job. Highly recommend.

Richard McCann, Motivational Speaker & Presentation Skills Coach


Not only is Martin an exceptional innovative and creative wordsmith, his genuine passion,understanding and client rapport also speaks in volumes.

Louise Seddon, Specialist in Practice of CSR and Social Value

Organisational Problem Solving

I have known and worked with Martin for many years and find him to be a very unique and versatile individual.

Martin’s strengths lie in his ability to think outside the box and deliver input which is relevant, insightful and against the status quo. These strengths come from his high levels of creativity and ability to think independently of situations, regardless of others opinions.

Martin is also a highly skilled and creative copywriter, with a high attention to detail and an ability adapt his content to any given topic.

I would highly recommend Martin to anyone looking for an independent voice to solve problems in their company, or a copywriting role.

Mark Mitchell, Digital Agency Founder & Director

Mindset Changing

First of all, I must say that Martin is a kind and honest person. Always willing to support his friends and co-workers, while having great writing and coaching skills, he has also proven to be a great professional, with a sharp mind and good heart.

Martin’s articles on mindfulness and consciousness are simply amazing, but he is not confined to those fields only. His overall experience in many areas is abundant, which is visible in his various texts and also in his fantastic and inspirational courses and workshops.

Martin is a creative, intelligent, hardworking and reliable professional. Whatever arrangement he has with you, I guarantee you that you will not be disappointed! 

Nebo D. Lukovich, Researcher of Consciousness, Author, Life Coach, Mindfulness Teacher & Creator of the Reintegration System


Martin Morrison is a very ethical and professional in his works. His charismatic personality and professionalism in helping me progressing not just in work environment but in living the life and pursuing my goal becoming Formula 1 engineer.

Although we never met in real life, his empathy in filling my shoe as friend as well as a client, really boosting my self-confidence in selling myself as one of the best engineer.

He makes me confidence about my personal skills and traits which is very rare for two person who never came across into path in real life. His sincerity really moved me.

Martin has very classy skill in composing an eye-catching and attractive cover letter which comes with very reasonable rate. To have found someone like Martin really a blessing for me as he is willing to help no matter what hours I reach him.

With his ability, dedication and personality, Martin really reflects the quality of his craftmanship and very truthful in delivering his tasks.

Faridzul Ruslan, Designer, Engineer, Optimiser, Motorsports


I have recently been receiving personal coaching and training from Martin and it is difficult to pin down with words how and what he does that works so well, but it does.

His approach blends excellent listening skills with a highly tuned intuition and he seems gifted in knowing how to encourage growth and transformation.

I now find myself much more grounded in the present and this has allowed me to be more focused at work, solve problems with ease and most importantly see things clearly without the fog of stress.

I feel Martin could really improve the productivity of any team within a company using his techniques, from a sales force to customer services, middle to upper management and any member who wants to be able to be more productive in his field of work.

Harry Sagoo, Entrepreneur